Best Nursing Pillow – How to find the Best Nursing Pillow

best nursing pillowA good nursing pillow is essential for breast feeding your baby. With a nursing pillow you can easily get comfortable while breastfeeding and you will avoid tension and pain in back, neck and shoulders.

You will spend many hours breastfeeding so it very important that you get the best nursing pillow to make you comfortable.

When looking for a nursing pillow there are many things to consider. You need to find out what your needs are.

How to Chose a Nursing Pillow

The most important things to consider when buying a nursing pillow is the size and the material. Nursing pillows come in many varieties, sizes, shapes and they are made by many different materials. You need to analyze your needs and then find the nursing pillow that is more suitable to your needs.

Nursing Pillow – Size:

You can get nursing pillows in different lengths, some nursing pillows are very long, others are short, some are slim and others thick.

Do you prefer a long nursing pillow or a shorter one? It all depends on your preference. A small one is easy to maneuvre around and it doesn’t take a lot of space. You will have it lying around all the time anyway, so maybe you prefer that it is not too big. If you chose a smaller one then you can easily grab it if you breastfeed at several diffent places in the house.

Are you having twins? In that case you will definitely need a nursing pillow for twins. This is a long pillow so you can breastfeed both your babies at once. If you don’t you will spend all your wake hours breastfeeding. So you might as well get in the habit of feeding them simultaniously. This is also the best tip for milk production as you will increase your milk production when you feed on both sides at the same time.

A long nursing pillow can also be used at night and give you extra comfort in bed. You can actually buy it when you are pregnant to ease a lot of that discomfort that many women experience through pregnancy. This way your nursing pillow also serves as a pregnancy body pillow. A pregnancy pillow is used to elevate head, chest and legs and you can put it between your knees to relieve pain in hips and lower back. It can also help prevent reflux.

Nursing Pillow – Shape:

Some nursing pillows are thicker than others. The thickness depends on the material that is used as filling for the nursing pillow. The thickness will also determine the hardness of the nursing pillow. A soft nursing pillow will not provide as much support as your baby will sink into it when you are breastfeeding. A harder one will provide better support and keep your baby lifted, so you don’t have to provide extra support with your arms. This will make it easier for you to get in a relaxed position while feeding.

As mentioned ealier, some nursing pillows are not very long and they are shaped like a little shrimp. The longer ones are u-shaped and can be wrapped around your waist. These are also the shapes that are good for using as body pillows in bed during pregnancy.

There are also m-shaped nuring pillows. They are a little thicker at front, so the baby has a little more space when lying on the nursing pillow. They also tend to have more compressed filling which makes a harder pillow that lifts more.

Nursing Pillow – Material:

When you chose the preferred size and shape of your nursing pillow then you need to consider the material. Here, you need to consider both the inside and the outside material.

Concerning the outside of the nursing pillow, you must remember that this is the side your baby will be lying on. So you need something that is soft and comfortable for your baby. Also make sure that the nursing pillow cover is removable so you can take it of for washing. No doubt it will need washing as it will get covered in excess milk, and your baby will drewl and spit up on it. So it is preferred if the nursing pillow cover can go in the washing machine and perhaps be replaces by a new nursing pillow cover.

Maybe you prefer an organic nursing pillow or maybe you’d like the cover to be water resistant?

Nursing pillows also come in a great variety of fillings. Some have little balls inside, that makes the pillow take shape easily, but they also get soft and make the baby fall down. Others have different kinds of foam e.g. memory foam, which provides great support for the baby.

There are many nursing pillows to chose between, so make your considerations carefully before purchase.

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